Autumn Term 1

 In the Mechanics class this term we have been busy getting to grips with life in the juniors – and we are really getting the hang of it! We really enjoy our brand new classroom and exploring the school – especially the trim trail!

This term our project has been ‘Tribal Tales’, and we have been finding out all about prehistoric life, from the Stone Age through to the Iron Age Celts. We have created human timelines to show when things happened, and collaborated to make cave paintings to retell what we have done. In our writing we have focussed on our description and recount skills; describing prehistoric creatures and describing a day in the life of a Stone Age version of themselves.

However our real highlight this term has been our terrific trip the Beaumanor Hall to take part in an Iron Age Celt experience day. We had an amazing time and worked hard together to learn about daily Celtic life (the roundhouse was very cool!), Celtic writing – including a very exciting ‘Rune Treasure Hunt’ and Celtic warrior training. For the Mechanics, the highlight was probably charging across the battlefield to attack the vicious Roman invaders (well…Mr Robinson).

Next term we have some more Scrumdiddlyumptious learning coming up! Watch this space…

Autumn Term 2

Two terms in and the Mechanics are really starting to sink their teeth into Ibstock learning. This term we have been chomping our way through our exciting project ‘Scrumdiddlyumptious’ (try saying that with a mouthful of marshmellows). This tasty topic was all about food – where it comes from, how our bodies use it as well as the importance of a healthy and balanced diet. In our writing, we served up tasty morsels linked to ‘Supertato’ – a terrific tale about a super potato (I’m sure you worked that out…), and the children wrote their own adventure stories about Supertato’s next great challenge. Additionally, we looked at instruction writing in our topic sessions – culminating in a super smoothie making day where our parents got to (bravely) try our creations…yum! Finally, for desserts, we listened to, read, wrote and performed some entertaining poems about food. CHOCOLATE CAKE! Mmmm…

In maths this term, we have been cooking up a storm with addition and subtraction, as well as practising our 3x tables – go on, test us if you like! The children have enjoyed using a variety of resources to help them in their maths adventures, and have made great progress so far – I can’t wait to see what more is to come after Christmas.

I hope you manage to enjoy our cracking carol concert with Year 5, and from all of us Mechanics…Merry Chirstmas!

Spring Term 1

Mechanics Class - Heroes and Villains

 Where have all the good learners gone? And where are all the glue sticks? And is there a streetwise Hercules to fight the rising odds? Well yes there is, and the good (in fact, brilliant) learners are in Mechanics class! And the glue sticks too…

We have been holding out for a hero in the shape of our ‘Heroes and Villains’ project, and we’ve had to be strong and fast with our skills this term to make some excellent progress. Plus we have really enjoyed ourselves along the way finding out about Superheroes and Villains as well as creating our own.

In our English work this term we have been focussing on persuasive writing, through writing a letter of complaint about some very naughty behaviour from some very naughty vegetables (yes you, Miss Mean Green Bean!). We were even visited by Mr Banana whole told us about his terrible experiences at the market. Luckily, Supertato lived up to his name and eventually managed to save the day – what a hero! As well as persuasive letters, we have also been studying adverts and how they can be persuasive, by coming up with adverts for gadgets for superheroes. Need a new utility belt for Batman or a hammer for Thor? Then come and see the Mechanics. We even created adverts for the Batmobile! Holy amazing writing Batman!

In our P.E. sessions we have moved with the grace and elegance of our Olympic heroes in our gymnastics unit, showing some amazing body control and poise when making our own routines. Some future gymnastic stars (or should that be ‘heroes’) in the making I think!

We have been heroes in lots of other areas of learning too, from learning about multiplication and times tables in maths – as well as introducing fractions through smarties – through to making our own ‘success jackets’ to help us with our inner confidence and self-belief. For Safer Internet Day we helped Year 3 write a song to teach people about staying safe online and sharing respect – see the school Youtube channel soon to listen to it!

We have had some amazing hero homework in this term too – thank you to all the home heroes (Mums, Dads, Grandparents and other family members) for helping your child be the hero that they are!

I wonder what will happen next term. I’m sure it will be…wild…(hint)J