Autumn Term 1

It has been a busy first half-term for the Rockstars, with lots of exciting learning taking place. Our topic of Blood Heart was launched with hands on experience of dissecting a sheep’s heart! The children were very brave and everyone, even the more squeamish amongst us got involved. Their understanding of the structure of the heart was enhanced greatly and they were able to draw on this in subsequent science, ICT, design and writing tasks. The children have learned how to keep their hearts healthy through lifestyle choices, exercise and diet. Through studying the recommended daily portion size of different food groups the children were able to plan and prepare a healthy meal for themselves, it was quite a challenge making sure the fruit kebabs made it home as the children were desperate to tuck in.

Another standout experience of this half-term was working with The Mighty Zulu Nation. As well as attending the whole school performance and workshop, Year 6 had the opportunity to collaborate with children from ICC and attend three different workshops. The children learned two separate dance routines and a traditional Zulu song, which they performed for family later on that evening on stage at ICC. Their enthusiasm and enjoyment of the event was matched by the parents who were eager to get on the stage and bust some moves, you know who you are!

The next half-term is set to be just as jam packed as this one and I look forward to all of the great things the children will achieve.

Mrs Collishaw

Autumn Term 2

This half-term the Rock Stars have been studying World War II for our topic, ‘A Child’s War.’ The children were asked to arrive with a shoebox containing the personal possessions they would take with them if they were going on a journey away from home. The children were lined up in the playground and given a label with their name and school on it and marched into class. Once there, they listened to Neville Chamberlain announce that Britain was at war with Germany and then they were taken to the hall to be ‘evacuated’. Several of the teachers were in character and selected children from the line-up. This experience helped the children to begin to empathise with evacuees during the war. Continuing the theme of WWII, Year 6 wrote letters in character as an evacuee, they were very powerful and it was very difficult to choose just two to be read out in our Year group assembly, which was held at St Deny’s church. The children also performed three songs for parents and spoke about their visit to Beaumanor Hall, where they learned more about life on the home front in WWII and experienced an air raid. For the first time ever, children from IJS represented the School in the village’s Remembrance Day parade. Alfie Graham from the Screen Stars and Morgan Sharpe from the Rock Stars did an amazing job and looked very smart in their uniforms, bravely refusing to wear coats despite the bitter cold. There has been much more learning during this half-term and the children continue to impress me with their positive, mature attitudes towards it. Year 6 is fast paced and demanding but we endeavour to have fun as we go, I hope the children are enjoying this year as much as I am.

Mrs Collishaw