Screen Stars

 Autumn Term 1

 We’ve had a fantastic start to Year 6 in the Screen Stars. We kicked off our Blood Heart topic by dissecting sheep hearts. Although a little gruesome, it was incredibly interesting and helped us to learn about the structure of the heart in a ‘hands on’ way. We learned about the route of the blood, what components blood is made up of and how to keep the heart healthy. To finish the topic, we made a tasty pizza and juicy fruit kebab making sure that all of the food groups were included in the correct proportions. In PE we have tried to improve our fitness levels by doing circuit training. We practised taking our heart rates and need to take them again to see whether they have changed as a result of our hard work.

Our topic has inspired much of our writing this half term. The school focus was writing to inform, so we began by recounting our dissection experience. Some pieces were so effective at informing the reader that audience members felt squeamish when they read them! After that, we wrote explanations for the circulatory system. A particular strength of these was how well we used technical vocabulary in our writing. Finally, we wrote instructions explaining how to create the healthy meal that we designed and made ourselves.

In maths, we have been practising rounding and calculating with negative numbers along with covering other aspects of number and place value. Just before half term, we started to practise using more formal written methods so that we can be quicker at working out calculations. We will continue with this at the start of next half term too.

Autumn Term 2

 It’s been another great half term. We got stuck in straight away to our new topic ‘A Child’s War’ by getting evacuated! By doing this, we got a better idea of how it would’ve felt to be a child in that situation.

Another highlight was our trip to Beaumanor Hall. Again we were in role as evacuees but we also experienced rationing, codebreaking and an air raid. We reached the safety of the cellar just in time and kept our spirits up by singing some war-time classics like ‘Run Rabbit’.

During this topic, we have learned about many other aspects of the Second World War: significant figures like Churchill and Hitler; the Blitz on London; the types of shelters used to provide protection. We also created some stunning watercolour paintings of poppies.

Again, our writing has been influenced by our topic and, in particular, our class story this half term ‘Goodnight Mister Tom’. We have written some touching informal letters in role as evacuees and characters from the story.

In maths, we have been practising using written calculation methods more accurately and efficiently and have been working with fractions and percentages.

Spring Term 1

 To begin the spring term, we visited Warning Zone where we learned how to keep ourselves safe in a variety of potentially dangerous situations.  Our topic for the whole of the spring term is Frozen Kingdom and, so far, we have started to look at the geography of the polar regions, researched some famous historical figures and events and have begun to study and make sketches inspired by Inuit Art.  During the next half-term, we will be covering aspects of science within our topic, such as animal habitats and feeding relationships.  In ICT, we have been using an application called XRayGoggles to ‘remix’ existing websites highlighting the issue of ‘fake news’.  Some people even had a practise at home! Many of us chose to adapt the school website (particularly Mr Lewin’s photo!) and some of the results were presented to the rest of the school during our Internet Safety Assembly.  Although very entertaining, it helped the other children in the school to understand this serious issue too.  We also enjoyed a visit from The Young Shakespeare Company this half-term, who performed A Midsummer Night’s Dream for us.  We all took part in playing roles or creating special effects. There were some extremely funny parts!  Finally, we had a mock SATs week during the last few days of the term.  The children worked very hard to show what they could do and coped extremely well.


Please note, as Spring term is quite short The Frozen Kingdom topic will run for the whole term.

Year 6 Spring term homework choices due in Monday 18th March

Create a fact file on what happens to the human body in extremely cold temperatures.

Write a short biography on a modern day explorer.


Use a range of snowy images to create a polar collage. Remember to use lots of interesting textures, shapes, colours and patterns.


Create a poster or model on animals from either the North or South Pole, include how it is adapted to live in that environment.