Autumn Term 1

Wow, that was a busy first half term for the Builders!

We have been settling in to life at the Junior School and getting to know our way around. We are enjoying our bright, new classroom, visiting the library and playing on the trim trail, which we chose to visit for our pom pom reward time. (At lunch times we collect pom poms for fantastic manners, being kind to others, great teamwork skills and playing nicely at the end of the week the class with the most pom poms in their jar wins - we have won twice!)  

This term we have been working on improving our handwriting using the school’s letter-join handwriting style and it’s really coming on. For some Builders it might even not be very long before they get a pen license!

Our topic - Tribal Tales - involved learning about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age and culminated in an exciting trip to Beaumanor Hall where we got to decode Celtic runes, visit a roundhouse and taking part in Celtic warrior training. This part of the day was our highlight! The day was split into 3 parts, kicking rotting Roman heads (not real) through a goal, throwing spears at Willaby – the training horse (again not real) – and charging with swords and shields at an advancing Roman army (partly real except it was just one Roman soldier – Miss Barton!)

I’m sure our next topic will be equally fantastic, even Scrumdiddlyumptious…

Autumn Term 2