Autumn Term 1

Wow, that was a busy first half term for the Builders!

We have been settling in to life at the Junior School and getting to know our way around. We are enjoying our bright, new classroom, visiting the library and playing on the trim trail, which we chose to visit for our pom pom reward time. (At lunch times we collect pom poms for fantastic manners, being kind to others, great teamwork skills and playing nicely at the end of the week the class with the most pom poms in their jar wins - we have won twice!)  

This term we have been working on improving our handwriting using the school’s letter-join handwriting style and it’s really coming on. For some Builders it might even not be very long before they get a pen license!

Our topic - Tribal Tales - involved learning about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age and culminated in an exciting trip to Beaumanor Hall where we got to decode Celtic runes, visit a roundhouse and taking part in Celtic warrior training. This part of the day was our highlight! The day was split into 3 parts, kicking rotting Roman heads (not real) through a goal, throwing spears at Willaby – the training horse (again not real) – and charging with swords and shields at an advancing Roman army (partly real except it was just one Roman soldier – Miss Barton!)

I’m sure our next topic will be equally fantastic, even Scrumdiddlyumptious…

Autumn Term 2

The builders have devoured the learning this term and really enjoyed our Scrumdidliumptious topic!

We have written some brilliant stories about the adventures of evil Escapea and the courageous Supertato, practising adding interesting details to our writing. We have also begun to learn how to show that characters are talking, using inverted commas, looking at how to punctuate speech correctly. We finished off our writing to entertain focus in English with some poetry writing and performances inspired by the poem 'The Best Chip'. We have cubbled chips and chomped chocolate cake and made ourselves truly hungry!

Builders have also become 3 times table superstars this half term, we've really enjoyed chanting rhymes on our way to assembly and learning our multiplication facts as we sing our version of Blurred Lines!

In topic we have packed in so much learning: from discovering the nutrients our bodies need and why we need them, to food hygiene and how to pack a fridge! We have also designed healthy lunch boxes and created our own fruit smoothies. It really has been a 'jam-packed' half term.

I'm looking forward to seeing if 'we can be heroes...just for one day' when we start our next topic after Christmas.

Have a great Christmas and Happy New Year from the Brilliant Builders!  

Spring Term 1

This term the Builders have discussed what we understand by the terms ‘hero’ and ‘villain’. We have designed some brilliantly evil super villains and created some truly unique super heroes. As well as designing our own heroes and villains, we have also learnt about some real life heroes such as Martin Luther King. Discussing who we consider to be our heroes has also been really interesting – just so you know, your kids think you are fantastic as in many cases heroes came from close to home!

We have loved our Heroes and Villains topic and have used it to inspire our learning across the curriculum. In English our focus has been on persuasive writing and we have looked at the language of adverts, we then wrote our own adverts selling superheroes the latest in crime fighting technology. We have also advertised the latest bond car and a new limited edition bat mobile!

The Builders are also heroic when it comes to maths and are the masters of their 3 and 6 times tables now! Great effort all round, well done my mathematical masterminds! We have also explored what fractions are, which meant smarties and cake!

During Safer Internet Day we helped defeat cyber bullies by writing a verse for the Year 3 song to teach people about staying safe online and sharing respect – see the school YouTube channel soon to listen to it!

Music has also featured strongly this half term, we have been looking at what makes a great super villain theme tune and have composed and performed our own in small groups.

I must also say well done on the heroic effort by all on this half terms homework, wow!

Spring Term 2

This half term we have been learning about the fascinating world of animals. We have been looking at predators and learning about who eats who! We can express this in the form of food chains and food webs, correctly using arrows to show the flow of energy through the food chain and we’ve learnt some brilliant scientific vocabulary – producer, consumer, apex predator and even photosynthesis! This was supported by our trip to Twycross Zoo which was perhaps the highlight of our topic J.

We have designed our own apex predators and even our own carnivorous plant, builders are great designers with fantastic imaginations and some of the creations have been simply brilliant!

In PE we have played ‘predator games’ looking at attacking and defending techniques.

In English…

‘The jungle was full of strange noises that had the men on edge. They spun round. Nothing. Again the noise came, but this time from in front of them. Quickly they turned. Nothing. “Look, there! In the trees!” Mac (Dukes second in command) yelled. He had seen something out of the corner of his eye. Glancing up at the dense foliage, the team caught a glimpse of a mysterious shape…

Builders have looked at using short sentences to build tension and excitement in our defeating the monster stories!

It’s been a busy half term and a well-earned rest with plenty of Easter eggs is definitely in order! Good luck with the egg hunting and I’ll see you when we come back, for some more ground breaking learning that will have you erupting with excitement!

Summer Term 1


Homework due on Friday 6th July