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Autumn Term 1

The Wizards had a fantastic half-term looking at our topic Stargazing. We began the topic with a trip to the Space Museum, which really opened the children’s eyes to the wonders of space. We learnt about the order of the planets from the Sun and compared their size and mass. We studied the first landing on the Moon and the Wizards created some fantastic diary entries based on their learning. In art we created some collages of the surfaces of the different planets and created an embellished collage of the Moon’s surface. Towards the end of the topic we launched our own rockets, which was the highlight of the half-term.

In English we used our class book Stormbreaker to create some recounts from the perspective of the super-cool Alex Rider; we also used the book to help inspire us to create a spy gadget that we could write an explanation text about. We completed the half-term by looking at The Magic Box poem and being creative and imaginative as we considered what would be in our box.

In Maths we have covered place value, in particular understanding the value of each digit in a number and being able to round numbers. We have looked at the four operations and developed our mental and written strategies.

We are looking forward to next half-term where we will be performing our own Christmas Concert.

Autumn Term 2

The Wizards have had a fantastic half-term learning all about Princes, Paupers and Pestilence. In ICT we created a stop frame animation showing the spread of pestilence – the class really enjoyed this and it inspired them to create some stop frame cartoons of their own. We have covered lots of history this term from exploring the Black Death and the role of the Plague Doctors to the Wars of the Roses and the Battle of Bosworth and finally an in-depth study of Henry VIII. We even created some life-size figures – he truly was a big man! In art we have looked at observational drawings of herbs and have studied the artist Hans Holbein finishing the topic off with drawing a portrait of ourselves in the style of Hans Holbein.

In English we have created our own mystery stories based on Anthony Horrowitz’s story: I Know What You Did Last Wednesday and we have studied the play script of Macbeth; the production was fantastic. The Wizards have created some fantastic play scripts of their own based on Maleficant and have written some detailed descriptions of the Witches and Macbeth.

In Maths, we have looked at consolidating our calculation methods and place value knowledge. We have been using our reasoning and problem-solving skills to solve a number of problems linked to the four calculations. We have looked at Roman Numerals (the Wizards loved these) and made links to our topic. We ended the half-term looking at statistics and the translation and rotation of shapes.

We are looking forward to the next half-term and studying the Ancient Egyptians.

Spring Term 1



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