Knowledge Organiser

Autumn Term 1

The Jedi had an out of this world start to the school year with our topic Stargazers.  We learnt about why the seasons change, created mnemonics to help us remember the order of the planets and even launched our own rockets! The new knowledge organisers were a great success and really helped us to learn a variety of facts. In English we used our class text Stormbreaker to help to inform our recount writing and this enabled us to write from the point of view of Alex Rider.  We have been cementing our knowledge of place value in Maths and using this to further advance our ability to use all four operations.  We are looking forward to another great half term in the build up to Christmas and our Carol Concert.

Autumn Term 2

We have had a really busy term in the Jedi class.  Princes, Paupers and Pestilence led us to look at a huge variety of topic - from the effect of bacteria on bread (the results were disgusting!), to the role of the plague doctors, how to be a knight and the increasing size of Henry VIII.  We have displayed our learning in lots of different ways including written work, art and presentations to the class.  We all thoroughly enjoyed our class books - I know what you did last Wednesday (which was the inspiration for our mystery stories) and Holes. The production of MacBeth was amazing and led to some excellent character descriptions of the main characters. It also really helped us to understand the importance of a well written play script. In Maths we have been further refining our calculation skills, both written and mental, pushing ourselves to become even more speedy and accurate with our times tables and looking at how to display and interpret data.  All of this was topped off by a fantastic Christmas performance.

Spring Term 1

We’ve had another fantastic half term in the Jedi class. We been using our timetable and factor knowledge to help us use and calculate with fractions, we’ve also looked at angles and learnt to use angle measurers.  We had an amazing Egyptian day where we undertook a variety of activities including exploring the tomb of King Tutankhamen, studying and drawing artefacts and turning our classmates into mummies! We have used our geography skills to study climates and locations of countries. Our class book, The Boy in a Dress, inspired us to write some excellent balanced arguments about whether boys should be allowed to wear dresses. In PE we concentrated on lots of movement in dance and gymnastics- we’ve been teddy bear and bowl rolling and travelling like caterpillars, crocodiles and bears! We’ve had lots of fun learning and appliying new skills all across the curriculum. 


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