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Autumn Term 1

In the Dragons this half-term we have had great fun being Stargazers! We have looked at the planets, their sizes, masses and features and also thought about whether or not humans could live elsewhere in our galaxy! We began the topic of Stargazers with a trip to the Space Centre in Leicester where we learnt about how our planet could have been created, trips to space and about the life of an Astronaut.  Following our trip we wrote some brilliant recounts of the day, using great descriptive language allowing us to remember the trip. We also learnt about the first landing on the Moon and what the Astronauts experienced and felt, we followed this up by writing a diary entry putting us in the shoes of Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong or Michael Collins. In Science, we used our knowledge of forces to help us launch our very own rockets, this was fantastic and all the rockets flew up high into the sky!

In English we have been focussing on recounts and explanation texts, allowing us to think about writing for different audiences and purposes. We used our class book, Stormbreaker, to write an exciting recount in the shoes of Alex Rider, a teenage Spy! We created some great recounts that allowed the reader to experience Alex’s feelings and thrills during his mission. We also used Stormbreaker to help us develop our very own spy gadgets that we could write an explanation text about, this allowed us to use our brilliant imaginations and explain to others why and how we can use the gadgets.

In Maths we have been focussing on place value, starting with looking at the value of numbers and how to round, this allows us to estimate and check our answers. We have also looked at the four operations and different methods we can use to calculate, this has helped us when using our problem solving and reasoning skills.

We are excited for next half-term where we will be looking at Princes, Pestilence and Paupers as a topic which includes the Plague, Henry Tudor, mouldy bread experiments, knights and more!

Autumn Term 2

We have had a great second half-term in the Dragons. We have taken ourselves back in time to learn about Princes, Pestilence and Paupers. This topic has been super interesting and has allowed us to learn about the Plague, herbal remedies, Henry VIII, family trees, the War of the Roses, the Battle of Bosworth, Knights and much more! History has been the main focus of this topic and we have been thinking about being able to put events in chronological order and thinking about the reliability of different sources of information. We did an experiment as a class looking at the spread of mould and pestilence, there are some very mouldy pieces of bread on our wall as evidence! We also did a study where we got to taste, smell, feel and draw different herbs, allowing us to think about how people may have used these as remedies during the Black Death and the Plague. We will finish this term by going on a trip to Tamworth Castle, where we will study how different life was for Paupers and Princes!

In English we read an exciting class story called ‘I Know What You Did Last Wednesday’ by Anthony Horowitz which led us to plan and write our own mystery stories. I loved reading the classes’ stories and seeing their excellent imaginations come to life on the page! We have also looked at play scripts as a different form of writing to entertain. This has been great fun as we were able to watch the Young Shakespeare Company’s showing of Macbeth, we really enjoyed this and had a good understanding of the play after watching it. We used the script of Macbeth to act out the first scene with the three Witches, we did a great job of understanding the language and following the stage directions! Following this, we created our own play script using the film ‘Maleficent’. We are going to end the term by writing a poem based on the Witches’ in Macbeth.

In Maths we have consolidated our written methods for the four operations; addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, by using our problem-solving and reasoning skills. We have also been looking at statistics, allowing us to interpret information from tables and graphs, as well as creating our own to show data that we have collected ourselves from watching the different types of traffic passing the school. We will be ending the term looking at Roman Numerals and the translation and rotation of shapes.

After our Christmas break we will be studying the Ancient Egyptians which will be super interesting!

Spring Term 1

During this first half term of 2018 we have been immersed in the lives and tales of the Ancient Egyptians! In the first of our topic lessons we transported ourselves to the beaches of the Sharm El Sheikh, the busy streets of Cairo and the pyramids of Giza using Google maps (even managing to have a sneak peak inside one of the pyramids!). This lesson led us onto thinking about the physical features of Egypt and how they impacted the lives of the Ancient Egyptians, focussing largely on the longest river in the world - the Nile. Following this, we had a great day full of learning, fact finding and Mummy making; we climbed inside of a tomb (finding King Tutankhamun in his burial chamber), did some observational drawings of ancient artefacts, researched Howard Carter and created our own Mummies! All of this research and fact finding allowed us to create some super descriptive writing.

In English we have been focussing largely on discussion texts and how we can create a balanced argument. We have researched a number of topics we can discuss, such as whether children should wear school uniform, if brussel sprouts should be allowed to become extinct and if robots should be allowed to replace human workers in the UK. We finished this topic, following some excellent research, by writing our very own discussion text on whether wolves should be allowed to be pets or not. To end the half term we have been looking at Howard Carter's diary of when he discovered the tomb of King Tutankhamun, we have written our own version of the diary in the shoes of Howard Carter, ensuring we focused on how he must have felt and what he must have thought when taking those first steps into the darkness of the crypt.

We have had a great half term in Maths focussing on one of the big components of the subject - fractions, decimals and percentages! The class have been brilliant and have really got themselves stuck into this topic, resulting in some excellent scores on their 'hot maths' tests! We started off focussing on what a fraction actually shows, followed by ordering, adding, subtracting, finding equivalents and converting improper fractions to mixed numbers. Towards the end of the term we moved onto converting and comparing fractions, decimals and percentages, allowing us to complete some tricky challenges and problem solving activities. We have ended the term looking at angles and how to use an angle measurer correctly.

Well done Dragons for your super hard work this term! 

Spring Term 2

The Dragons have had a fantastic term covering the project Alchemy Island. We began by watching a video clip called 'The Alchemist's Letter' which introduced us to the concept of Alchemy.

In English, the Dragons created some very emotional pieces of film narrative based on 'The Piano' and 'The Lighthouse Keeper' - they really conveyed the feelings of the character.

In Maths, we looked at the properties of shapes and properties of number. The Dragons are really becoming confident with calculations, well done.

We really enjoyed our topic this term, particularly creating ourselves as game characters who travel through a portal to Alchemy Island. We developed our scientific enquiry skills and really honed our skills of sieving and filtering.

We look forward to our final term together and really polishing off our skills.

Summer Term 1


We had some changes in Dragons this half term, but we have all enjoyed getting to know one another and had a fantastic start to our final term as year 5s.

Our theme has been ‘Allotment and Beast Creator’. We have dissected daffodils to see all of the parts inside and then learned about their functions and the part that each one plays in the process of pollination. We also designed our own insects and discovered the features that they have. 

In English we wrote warning tales, looking at Little Red Riding Hood with a twist and warning the wolf to be careful of little girls. Sadly, we couldn’t make the wolf listen and he ended up becoming Red’s new wolf-skin coat! We have also written non-chronological reports, instructions and persuasive letters where we aimed at trying to convince some particularly troublesome birds to stop bullying someone different from them.

In maths, we re-visited fractions, decimals and percentages and looked at some more complex calculations. We’re all very much looking forward to an exciting final half-term in year 5

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