Autumn Term 1

It has been a busy first time at Ibstock Junior School for Architects!

It all started off with us finding a strange painting out on the field. We found out that this was a Stone Age cave painting! Since then, we've looked at how life changed through the Stone, Bronze, and Iron Ages, culminating in an amazing day at Beaumanor Hall in October.  It was super spooky when we unearthed a letter from the Beaker People! There, we learnt all about how the Iron Age Celts lived their lives - did you know that they used to chop their enemies' heads off and wear them as trophies? Gross!

In our writing, we have been looking at basic compositional skills, and we have written extensively about "A Day in the Life of a Stone Age" and a recount of our trip to Beaumanor. We've learnt about how to use adjectives to create brilliant, exciting 2A sentences, and we're also practicing how we can edit and improve our writing - Think It, Say It, Write It, Like It, LOVE IT!

Maths has also been really challenging, but we've become Place Value masters! We can even partition and combine 4-digit numbers, as well as tell you the value of any digit in a given number. Come and test us if you don't believe us!

We've really enjoyed our first half-term at Ibstock Junior School, and we're looking forward to letting you know about some upcoming Scrumdiddlyumptious adventures...

Autumn Term 2