Autumn Term 1

It has been a busy first time at Ibstock Junior School for Architects!

It all started off with us finding a strange painting out on the field. We found out that this was a Stone Age cave painting! Since then, we've looked at how life changed through the Stone, Bronze, and Iron Ages, culminating in an amazing day at Beaumanor Hall in October.  It was super spooky when we unearthed a letter from the Beaker People! There, we learnt all about how the Iron Age Celts lived their lives - did you know that they used to chop their enemies' heads off and wear them as trophies? Gross!

In our writing, we have been looking at basic compositional skills, and we have written extensively about "A Day in the Life of a Stone Age" and a recount of our trip to Beaumanor. We've learnt about how to use adjectives to create brilliant, exciting 2A sentences, and we're also practicing how we can edit and improve our writing - Think It, Say It, Write It, Like It, LOVE IT!

Maths has also been really challenging, but we've become Place Value masters! We can even partition and combine 4-digit numbers, as well as tell you the value of any digit in a given number. Come and test us if you don't believe us!

We've really enjoyed our first half-term at Ibstock Junior School, and we're looking forward to letting you know about some upcoming Scrumdiddlyumptious adventures...

Autumn Term 2

It's been a Scrumdiddlyumptious half-term in Architects, as we've embarked on a rather delicious adventure to do with the wonderful world of food! We kick-started our topic with a yummy fruit and vegetable tasting, which we massively enjoyed! We even got to make some scrummy fruit smoothies, which we then sold to make money for Children in Need. It took lots of Collaboration, and we all had an ACE time making them!

In our writing, we've enjoyed planning and writing Supertato's next adventure! With our writing focus on being to entertain the reader, we came up with some weird and wonderful original ideas, some of which involved a new gang of super vegetables uniting to save the world from the evil, malicious Esca-pea! We then took great care in writing our stories up in best into our ACE Publishing Journals, paying special attention to our cursive handwriting.

We've then focused on Addition and Subtraction in Maths this half-term. Most recently, for the latter, we've been looking at using the number line method in two ways - by counting back, and then by finding the difference. We've undertaken some special investigations to help us understand the inverse relationship between adding and subtracting. Some of us have even started to look at the formal written method for both operations - come and try us with a couple of 3-digit numbers if you don't believe us!

Finally, we have practised really hard for the Year 3 and 5 carol concert in December. It was difficult learning all of the lyrics, but everything came together in good time and it sounded really great! We enjoyed putting on a special show for the parents in the week leading up to Christmas. 

We're looking forward to a well-earned break for Christmas and New Year, but be sure to check our class page soon, as we look at some rather heroic happenings... 

Mr Hinsley, Mrs Longmore, Mrs Bond and Architects Class"


Spring Term 1


What a great half-term it has been in Architects! In our topic, Heroes and Villains, we have been looking at heroes such as Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks, who are people who have made a real difference in the world. These are real-life heroes who stood up for what they believed in. We've also looked at famous superheroes and supervillains, which included us composing our own supervillain music using instruments in Music! We've become multiplication masters in Maths, come and try us with a calculation if you don't believe us!


In our writing, we've written persuasive letters of complaint to the Loughborough Market Stall  owner about Miss Mean Green Bean, who was very mean to Mr Banana and his friends! We've learned about "If, If, If, Then" sentences and "Many Questions" sentences to improve our persuasiveness. Most recently, we've designed some exciting new gadgets for famous superheroes, including Batman. We've written some super work that we are really, really proud of.

We're looking forward to looking at some Predators after half-term!


Spring Term 2

It has been another busy half-term in Architects. In Maths, we have become masters of multiplication, at the same time as exploring both Division and Fractions. We're looking forward to carrying on with this after Easter. In English, we have written fantastic Defeating the Monster stories! The description we have used - as well as 3-ed sentences, Noun, Which/Where/Who? sentences, and Emotion word (comma) sentences - have made these both really entertaining and extremely frightening! We'd love for you to come and have a read of them. We've carefully written them into our Publishing Journals. 

The stand-out point of our half-term was our trip to Twycross Zoo on Wednesday 14th March. We saw some amazing animals: we saw snow leopards, owls, elephants, giraffes, chimpanzees, and many, many more! This has linked into our "Predator" topic, where, in Science, we've looked at food chains, animal diets, skeletons, and animal adaptations to the environment. We've really enjoyed exploring the animal kingdom!

Watch this space for some earth-shattering moments after Easter...

Summer Term 1

 It's been an earth-shattering half-term in Architects! As part of our "Tremors" topic, we've been looking at how earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are caused. It's been quite topical, because of the eruptions in Hawaii! We even got to design and build our own earthquake-proof structure, which we tested on a platform of jelly! The building process was pretty sticky because we used marshmallows as ballasts, but we had an awful lot of fun!

Linking into this with our Writing, we wrote a live news report about the 79AD eruption of Mount Vesuvius, which destroyed Pompeii. We also designed some information leaflets about earthquakes, including some awesome facts, and what to do in the event of an earthquake! Meanwhile, our Maths learning has been quite diverse, as we've encountered fractions, time, and shape this half-term! It's been quite a lot to sink our teeth into, but we enjoyed going out onto the playground and drawing equivalent fractions all over the tarmac, using chalk! 


There's just one half-term left of Year 3 - how fast does time go when you're having fun?! We've got some pretty heavenly treats in store for our hard-working children, as we begin our legendary "Gods and Mortals" topic in Summer 2. Watch this space!


Homework due on Friday 6th July