5…4…3…2…1…BLAST OFF!

Vikings have been sent zooming on a learning journey through space and time; exploring the farthest reaches of our universe, including Leicester. It was to Leicester that the pupils boldly went to continue their Year 5 mission to seek out new knowledge and uncover strange new facts. Armed with these facts, the pupils carried out detailed research into our Solar System (using toilet roll… ask them all about it!) as well as learning about the history of space travel. One small step at a time.

Elsewhere in our science learning, we uncovered more about gravity – experimenting with forming craters, investigating our ‘mass’ and ‘weight’ on different planets and re-creating Galileo’s famous experiment with a hammer and a feather. We followed our own lines of enquiry to complete our own experiments into gravity and enjoyed testing our hypotheses.

In our writing, we created an exciting fact-file about the Solar System to inform our readers, as well as a sensational newspaper article about a shocking alien break in. Shocking!

Pupils had some brilliant questions and were disappointed that the project had to come to an end – me too! Next up, we head back in time…to the land of the pharaohs…