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Autumn Term 1

The first of the term has been busy in Walliams Class. We have worked hard to create a team culture in the classroom and everyone has settled in well into Year 4. It has been a rewarding half term with ACE Awards, COLA Awards and even a few Pen Licences.

Our topic this term was the human digestive system which provided the platform for our writing. Walliams Class conducted experiments to measure the effect that drinks have on our teeth and then wrote about the experiment and what was observed. We modelled how the human digestive system works and wrote about our model. Disclosure tablets were used to see the plaque on our teeth which was followed by an instructional text on how to brush our teeth. We researched a famous scientist, Edward Jenner, and wrote a biography on him. During PE we learnt how to mobilise our joints to reduce injury, how to improve our teamwork and to have fun with sports.

What a great start to the year it has been! The next term is going to be even more exciting with our play and various topic based tasks that we will be doing…watch this space!

Autumn Term 2

What a term Autumn 2 was! In nine weeks we managed to put on our play production, learn new methods for calculating in Maths, complete a Judo workshop, write descriptive pieces based on The Great War AND, we discovered who the Romans were and how their empire expanded across parts of the world.

It was a busy term and the children all worked tremendously hard to the very end. The pinnacle of the term had to be ZOOM!, our play production. The children put so much effort into learning their many roles and songs which culminated in a brilliant performance and an everlasting boost in confidence. Please accept a massive thank you from us for your support.

Maths this term was just as exciting. Learning to add and subtract numbers together as well as learning to multiplying increasingly larger numbers can create challenging moments of learning but the children persevered and developed new skills in problem solving and reasoning. They even made videos to demonstrate their learning. By the way, have you seen our website videos that contain the methods the children have been learning about?

Our descriptive writing was influenced by the centenary of the end to The Great War, which had a rather humbling affect. Reading ‘Where the Poppies Now Grow’ and ‘A Christmas Truce’ gave the children an alternative perspective to their writing. By exploring the tales of Ben and Ray; imagining the life of forgotten soldiers and of course who really won the famous football match, we learnt a great deal about selflessness, friendship and history. 

Next term, we delve into Potions, French, division, fractions and, the art of persuasion. We will also begin the excitement of our Ilam Hall residential trip and prepare for our class assembly. We are going to be busy so until then… Au Revoir!

Spring Term 1

This has been a fantastic term. Not only did Walliams Class get the entire school singing Baby Shark in our class assembly, which was only made possible by the efforts of the children, but we also had a wonderful experience at the Sea Life Centre where the children observed the different types of marine life, felt starfish, had a talk on penguins and got mesmerised by the ocean tunnel that was surrounded by sharks, fish and beautiful turtles. 

The class also took part in some challenging PE sessions (that involved climbing ropes and over high bars). These activities pushed the children out of their comfort zones and showed them what they can achieve outside of their normal surroundings – perfect preparation for our Ilam Hall residential in May. Through circuit training the children got hot and sweaty whilst developing our muscular endurance and learning about the different muscles in our body. To complete the physical education, we have done plenty of skipping which taught the children about rhythm and how, with practise, anything is possible.

In maths we investigated fractions and wrote highly persuasive letters of complaint in English. One of the stand-out moments of the term was our homework exhibition. This half-termly showcase really shows the hard work that the children put in at home. Some are ideas are beautifully elaborate and some so brilliantly simple, it truly is a pleasure. Thank you for your efforts at home, the children love to show off their work. 

Spring 2 holds many exciting opportunities for the children to explore learning and the world around them. From Science Week to World Book Day, this term is going to be an abyss full of a learning adventure. Watch this space! 

Spring Term 2

From the outset, the term was going to be busy. We had sea monsters to design, the ICC to visit, angles to investigate and stories to write. It was going to be a challenging term, but the children rose to the occasion.

Considering our topic was Blue Abyss, it seemed appropriate that the children should design their own sea monster. Well, this opened Pandora’s Box and we had the most terrifying, blood thirsty creatures to have ever swam in our oceans. Despite the shark-dog-canary-wolfs, the level of creativity and effort that the children put into their designs provided a very defined monster for their defeating the monster tale they wrote.

The much-anticipated visit to the ICC was a brilliant opportunity for the children to experience a science lab and get involved in experiments that related to our Potions topic. They witnessed various solids, liquids and gases change states within controlled environments and adult supervision. Their level of engagement and interest was evident and displayed just how much they had learnt over the course of the topic.

Being immersed in topic and writing, we had to ensure we kept our maths skills in check. Whilst learning about geometric shapes, angles and symmetry, we kept our arithmetic skills up to date with regular MathsBot ( a great online resource at ) tasks and through our skills.

Next on the agenda: Ilam Hall. I am extremely excited for this trip and cannot wait to see the children learning outside of the classroom. It is guaranteed to bring out the best in them! Watch this space for the update on this. Until then…

Summer Term 1

Summer 1 has come and gone, it was a short one but definitely a full one. Playlist was our topic this term and it was hard to focus on that with the excitement of our residential to Ilam Hall. However, Playlist was going to keep the children on their toes and fully engaged in their learning.

The topic had a large science element weaved together with musical appreciation and the nature of sound. We learnt to sing Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen and quickly learnt that we definitely have some X-Factor talent in our year group along with air guitar heroes that need to apply for Britain’s Got Talent. Learning about vocal range in the song, helped the children understand pitch and volume which we were experimenting with in science lessons. In these science lessons we also explored what makes sound and what states of matter it can travel through.

The excitement of the topic was dwarfed by the anticipated residential trip to Ilam Hall. The children were excited, as were the adults and thankfully, the weather provided a fantastic opportunity to experience the beauty of the Derbyshire countryside. Long walks, map reading, team building and design tasks all provided a context for the children to learn outside of the classroom. The children learnt how to be resilient in uncomfortable situations, how to work with unfamiliar children and how to enjoy the great outdoors. It truly was an exceptional experience.

Onwards into Summer 2! Traders and Raiders are the topic for this term, we have the Year 6 production, Saffron Lane and Sports Day still to come…heave ho, and away we go!


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