We have implemented the 2014 National Curriculum and teach all of the objectives through exciting curriculum topics. Each year group covers six topics per academic year (one for every half term) that we choose from an excellent planning resource called Cornerstones. Within these topics, we teach a wide range of subjects, which are led and managed by different teachers and school leaders. We believe our curriculum is engaging, fun, and enables our pupils to learn a range of important knowledge and skills.
The curriculum subjects we teach at Ibstock Junior School are: English, maths, science, PE, RE, history, geography, PSHE, computing, art and design, design and technology, music and languages.
If you click on the link below, it will take you to our long-term overview of the curriculum.

Approach to Reading and Phonics at Ibstock Junior School

The document below describes our approach to phonics and the teaching of reading.


Reading and Phonics - UPDATED 2019. Please click the icon above.


Approach to teaching Spelling at Ibstock Junior School

The document below describes our approach to spelling and the teaching of this at school.

Spelling approach - UPDATED 2020. Please click the icon above.


Approach to homework at Ibstock Junior School  

Please follow this link to see a powerpoint explaining the readng aloud programme.  There is also a copy of the letter sent to parents.

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