Sports Premium


How much funding how we received this year?

The P.E. and Sport Premium is money that is to be spent on improving the P.E. and sport provision in schools and is proved jointly by the departments for Education and Health, Culture, Media and Sport. In 2018/19 the money invested by the government was doubled to £16,000 per school + £10 per child. In 2022/23, that funding amount would be £19,270, which the school can spend on increasing levels of physical activity and improving the delivery of P.E. and sport. Please click here to see our PE expenditure for the current academic year.


How have we spent the funding? 

  • Affiliation to the North West Leicestershire School Sports Partnership – NWLSSP
  • Continued professional development for staff – cost of courses and necessary supply cover
  • ActivWalls
  • Inspirational/Aspirational events promoting P.E. and Sport
  • PE equipment and resources – including the mapping of the school ground and the setup of an orienteering course. 
  • Cost of transport to sporting events.


Effect of funding on participation: how are the improvements sustainable?

- Upskilling staff and cascading knowledge to enhance the delivery of P.E. and sport.
- Ensuring high quality teaching and learning is embedded.
- Launching new initiatives to enrich the children’s lunchtimes and increase physical activity.