Cola Assemblies

Each half term the children are nominated by their class Teacher.

There is a different theme for each half term.

Friday 13th October - Resilience
Year 3      
Athenians Alice Garratt Austin Noon Nyah Willett
Olympians Ivy Holland Ava Barradell Hugo Linhart
Spartans Noah Wardle Willow Lewis James Hudson
Year 4      
Chemists Kerry-Bella Barney Remi Grimes Zac Cooke
Geologists Maisie Haywood Lucas Patterson Rohan Pankhania
Scientists Taylor Nixon Marnie Bishop Sienna Attwal
Year 5      
Astronomers Hannah Ward Maddie Whitby Benjamin Fitzpatrick
Knights Indie-Rae Chandler Beau Staniforth Heidi Harrison
Pharaohs Ava Cowlishaw Patrick Barney Alfie Webb
Year 6      
Artists Marshall Allan Hanna Bielinska Eva Wills
Biologists Zachary Baldwin Isabella Pincombe Charlie Hincks
Globetrotters Theo Standring Zachary Fenton-Murrin Harlee-Rose Taylor
Friday 15th  December - Kindness and Empathy
Year 3      
Athenians  Enya Finch Calub Squire  Ava SImpson 
Olympians  Alana-Rose Cannell Abigail Simpson   Zara Linhart
Spartans  Ida Kinsey Esme Hargrave  Sapphire Nixon 
Year 4      
Chemists  Charlie Phipps-Roberts  Olicia Lofthouse Skya-Lilly Thurman 
Geologists  Riley Edwards Indianna Merrel-Smith  Mia Sims-Tyson 
Scientists  Edward Clayton-Barker Jacob Mills  Molly Wills 
Year 5      
Astronomers  Jack Morgabn Imogen Wells  Casper Millward 
Knights  Jessica Coleman Clara Harris  Charlie Armeni 
Pharaohs  Charlotte Graham Neave Sparrow   Issac Simpson
Year 6      
Artists  Pippa Watkin Thea Cockeram  Nathaniel Clarke 
Biologists  Beau McKeown Carley Mander  Billy Toon 
Globetrotters  Olivia-Rose Smith Harrison Kinzett  Willow Jenner 
Friday 2nd February - Effort and Hard Work
Year 3      
Athenians  Rogan Emmerson Alfie Donisthorpe  Trinty Ray 
Olympians  Dilyana Chakarova Rosalie Coombes  Leo Harrison 
Spartans  Imogen Hall Eva Haslam  Isaac Gooch 
Year 4      
Chemists  Mabel Storm Joshua Roberts  Caleb Harding 
Geologists  Logan Mee Rosa Collins  Isabelle Brookes 
Scientists  Adam Gosai Edan Lewin  Ell-J 
Year 5      
Astronomers  Jessica Simpson Bella Perry Henry Garratt 
Knights  Isabella Clarke Reuben Noon  Jennifer Tebbutt 
Pharaohs  Lacey Smith Noah Moore   Harvey Willett
Year 6      
Artists  Lacie Lloyd Connor Baker  Aoife WIlliams-Stanley 
Biologists  Max Newton Logan Dillan  AAfia Forrest 
Globetrotters  Sapphire Bradbury Scarlett Statham  Kayden Ricketts 
Friday 22nd March - Speaking Confidently
Year 3      
Year 4      
Year 5      
Year 6